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    This amazingly (expensive) sponge is supposed to be PERFECT for liquid foundation.
    Not sure if the local Sephora has it.

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    Flower Vase Fillers


    Just regular ol' beads to fill the bottom of flower vases. I need them to make this:


    Pretty ain't it? I've got 2 coke glasses whic are a wee bit too tall for my brushes so I need the beads to fill them up ;]

    Sigma Makeup
    Complete Professional Brush Set with Brush Roll


    Apparently these brushes are as good as MAC but way cheaper

    by MakeupByTiffanyD


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    Monday, May 04, 2009

    Salmon Goodness!
    My hair's been falling like crazy for about almost a month now. When I say crazy I mean my sister described me as shedding like a dog to my mum. Flattering image huh.

    So out of fear that I might actually go bald from the hair loss (think clumps coming out everytime I comb/de-tangle/touch my hair), I decided to go pick up some hair fall therapy shampoo. 

    My other sister, who did not liken me to a dog, suggested Dove and because I absolutely love the intense damage therapy (I'd say fried straw would be an accurate description of my hair) shampoo and conditioner, I thought I 'd give it a shot.
    It is AMAZING.

    I've only used the shampoo and conditioner once last night and the serum twice yesterday (once on dry hair and once on wet hair). I decided not to get the mask for the time being.

    My hair's freaking soft and moisturised and closer to my natural hair texture then ever before.

    I know, I know... sounds like one of those corny adverts but it's true!

    haven't had clumps of hair come out either and I've combed my hair about a thousand times today (and it's only 10:10am heh), plaited and re-plaited it and now have it all up in a ponytail.

    If I had done this yesterday, I'd be staring dismally (and disgustedly) at the handful of hair in my, well, hands right now. Only 3, yes, 3 strands have decided to vacate their follicles.

    I hope it keeps up the good work!

    The serum is really amazing. Do use only a couple of drops, 4 max and I mean really 5 would turn your head into an oil-slick. Take note of the instructions and only apply it to the middle and the ends of your hair, stay clear of your scalp and fringe (unless you like greasy Snape-like bangs). The serum is supposed to help de-tangle your hair and leaves a protective coat so there's less friction when you comb your hair, hence less breakage and hair fall.

    I applied a little too much yesterday on my dry hair immediately after buying it (and reached home, duh. Can you imagine somehow applying hair serum in the middle of NTUC). After showering last night, I split my hair down the middle and applied 2 drops to my hand and rubbed my hands into the wet hair and through it for each side of my head. Then using my combing fork I combed through to spread it out (so see, a little gets to the top of your hair and that's plenty).

    Hair Bliss...

    Oh, by the way, it's the salmon coloured one. Don't mix it up with the pinker straight hair one.

    On another note, here's my updated wishlist:

    Wishlist 0809
    1. Glitzy Glam brush holder

    2. Speakers for PC/Notebook/MP3
    maybe something like that:

    3. Headphones

    4. Aromatherapy Candles (with essential oils)
    I'm looking for those in their own jars like this one:
    or this one:
    -Coco Lime Verbena 
    -lavender + bergamot

    Thanks for dropping by! :]

    Back to work now... scrub a dub dub.

    ❤slipping on a banana peel at 9:59:00 am

    Thursday, April 30, 2009

    Everyday Minerals!
    Got my samples already!

    Blush: Corner Office (Sheen)
    Concealer: Abbott's Perk Me Up
    Foundations: Buttered Tan (Original Glo)
    Medium Beige (Original Glo)
    Golden Medium (Intensive)

    I LOVE the blush, it's so gorgeous! 
    Here's a picture of it on my ahem gorgeous blemish-ful face
    I couldn't get a good pic with my webcam of what it looked like in the sample jar.
    It's under the sheen category but it looks quite shimmery in the jar. Quite intimidating really. 

    Looks kinda mauvy apricot-ish but when I applied it to my yellow skin tone it warmed up and has this nice reddish orange flush which I love. I don't do pinks so well somehow. 

    Here's how it looks like on my hand before and after blending.
    It's so super pigmented. for B I just abbed my finger in to the cover of the pot (if you shake the jar upside dwn with the cover screwed on and turn it right side up and remove the cover, some powder sticks to the underside of the cover. This is more than sufficient) and dabbed it on my hand.

    Dabbing another dot for A I blended it out and it looks less red and more peachy/apricot-ish.
    One dab into the cover's way more than enough to cover one cheek.

    As for C, that's the concealer.
    It looks pretty great on my hand, disguised the blue veins a little but on my undereye it was a little cakey. But I think that's cause I have super dry skin. The favourite concealer so far is the Maybelline Perfect Concealer. Icyabstract from youtube didn't like it though. So maybe it's just really good for dry skin?

    Canmake's stick concealer's too drying and emphasizes my wrinkes. This one settles into them... eerk. 

    Here's a pic of it on my eyebag (nice ad inflated for you to see), left side with concealer and right with nothing but moisturiser on.

    Well it does make it less stark and blended into my skin tone but is it just me or is it bluer? It's supposed to correct the blueness actually lol.

    I may use it to set my liquid concealer or something.

    Now for the foundation. It's really quite difficult buying foundation off the net because it's something you really need to match to your skintone.

    Here's how it looks like on my cheek and jawline. (Real flattering shot isn't it hahah)

    A: Medium Beige Summer (Original Glo under Warm)
    B: Golden Medium (Intensive under Olive)
    C: Buttered Tan (Original Glo under Warm)

    I really though Golden Medium was going to be my best bet. Buttered tan looked a little too light. 

    Turned out Buttered Tan matched my skin tone the best! Medium Beige Summer's clearly not it. It turned out orange O.O It's supposed to be one shade up from buttered tan. Maybe someone mislabelled the jars?

    I couldn't tell the diff between Golden Medium and Buttered Tan at first because the powder was sooo blendable and smooth. only after reapplying like two more layers could I see that Golden Medium was too green. 

    I really like the slightly dewy finish of the original glo formula and because i've been recently chastised for applying hooker worthy makeup (erk, a story for another day) I thin i'll stick with that even though I do love foundation with a heavier coverage.

    Alrighty then, I'm looking forward to getting some stuff full-sized from

    The best deal is to share the 12 piece kit because it's only like USD50 for the whole thing.
    Even if all 12 pieces are brushes (shipping tends to soar when you get those) at current exchange rate, it's about SGD8.50 per item. That's including shipping. Crazy or what?

    ❤slipping on a banana peel at 9:33:00 pm

    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    Update: Brush Holder

    See my post on Wednesday, 8 April 09.

    One of the cups fell out of my cupboard and spilt sand all over my table and laptop. how fun that was really...

    So I cleaned out all the sand from that cup and filled it with beads that I bought previously. 
    6 Testubes of beads barely filled up and inch or may max 3 inches of the cup lol.

    Alot of help that is.

    So I started scouting for a nice square vase thing and beads.

    I still haven't found any place which sells beads/vase fillers and am really considering using uncooked rice. Doesn't have the same effect somehow..

    I tried artfriends recently, the nice big square vase was so freaking ass heavy plus it was about S$18? that's pretty ex imo. And they only had like coloured fillers (i'm afraid the colour will wear off or scratch my brushes, which aren't mac so aren't expensive, but I'd like to preserve them you know.)

    Needless to say, I didn't get them.

    I've been eyeing this one now.


    It's from this online store started up by youtube makeup gurus
    Juicystar07 and AllThatGlitters21

    They're sisters by the way.
    So they have this site called and they sell stuff like,

    It's pretty ex and because it's US based, it'll be even more ex to get the stuff here but look at the amount of beads! and it's really pretty too. 

    Seeing as the younger girl blair aka juicystar07 can heft it around so easily, it seems pretty light too!

    So anyway, this is going on my wishlist for a birthday/christmas gift thing. Lol, yeah I know I'm starting early. but it's just for fun. 

    I actually wanted the sigma brushes for my 21st bday gift,  but I decided i don't really need such high quality (read: expensive) brushes ;D

    here's what's on my list now

    Wishlist 0809
    1. Glitzy Glam brush holder

    2. Speakers for PC/Notebook/MP3
    maybe something like that:

    3. Headphones

    Tata for now!

    Class starting soooooon

    ❤slipping on a banana peel at 10:23:00 am

    Thursday, April 23, 2009


    ❤slipping on a banana peel at 10:52:00 pm

    twit twi twitter! 


    ❤slipping on a banana peel at 4:34:00 am

    Sunday, April 12, 2009

    Black Beauty (XP)
    I dyed my hair black today. I just didn't like the weird brown anymore. I used the Hoyu Asian Black. 
    Ok, Hannah helped me dye my hair. She's becoming quite good at it. Only pulled my hair once and painted my neck ;D

    It a strange black, which doesn't look very natural because of it's intensity. It's actually a blue toned black (as us most inky blacks) but you can kinda see brown undertones from the previous dye job.

    I'm swearing off hair dyes and perms for now, till my hair grows out a bit and I can get the hay -like ends chopped off.

    Over-all I kinda like it ;] Just takes some getting used to

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    Saturday, April 11, 2009

    Gotta problem with me huh punk? Do ya? Do ya?
    Come battle my brute then!

    Just one of thos random games. This one's amazingly simple. Just sic your brute on some character and watch it do battle. It's all automated. You basically just up your stats as you fight so choose your opponents carefully.

    Come fight me! I'm nice, I won't bite XD

    Just click on the picture, it'll take you here:

    Enter a name for your brute, use the left toggle with the sumo like figurine to change your image and the rainbow toggle to change colour scheme. Real simple! So get snapping!


    Oh yeah remember to set password after you fight my brute to save your character! (If you want to that is) If you just want to knock my brute around to release that pent up angst then you don't have to save your character.

    I added the wings and character name for my brute. The site doesn't generate that

    ❤slipping on a banana peel at 4:29:00 am

    Wednesday, April 08, 2009

    In which Naomi plays with sand and bees...

    See, it's actually smiling! It's actually really glittery. I used black liquid eyeliner (Revlon colourstay in Black) and gold litter liquid eyeliner (Splash or something or another)
    [Note: No face in my pictures for once! Hah! I am so snot a cam whore ( read, massive pimple outbreak)]


    I've finally filled my two coke glasses with sand. Yeah I know, I wanted glass beads, but seems like it's pretty difficult to find nice glass beads in big affordable quantities here in sunny Singapore.

    Which is why I'm still keeping beads in my wish list on the left. Oh but the givenchy whatever mascara will be coming off. Apparently the brush is amazing but the formula is disgusting, hence not worth the mega price tag.

    Thanks Hannah for suggesting sand and my cuzz for following me from spotlight to daiso to random fish/aquarium underneath escalator at ps to look for something to fill my glasses up!

    ❤slipping on a banana peel at 3:20:00 am

    Saturday, April 04, 2009

    5 posts ahead:
    1) Hello Youtube
    2) Star Trek + wallpaper
    4) Aching butt and waist
    5) Twilight the movie
    Hello youtube!

    Guess what guess what!

    I've been griping about not being able to upload videos on youtube because I wanted to take part in makeup contests and what not. 

    I mean I know there's a quick upload tool on youtube,

    but the video always comes out grainy PLUS I can't edit it and cut out bits I don't want.

    So I've been reading stuff on the net about some Logitech program that captures videos from webcam conversation, which is exactly what I need.

    I didn't think much about searching for it because I thought I'd have to pay for it online and all that so I thought I'd actually save up to buy a video capture program from Challenger.

    But today I came across this link:

    At first I thought it was just a link for purchasing the program online but lo and behold! It's free!
    I mean I think it's free. It didn't ask for credit card info or anything like that. Just downloaded the .exe file.

    Cool shit right?! Logitech being an established company and all, you don't have to fear downloading a virus along with the freeware.

    Here's what the program looks like:

    the pictures posted here are unphotoshopped and sans makeup. 
    Refrain from viewing after meals

    It looks exactly like the webcam program that came with the computer except 

    It even has a zoom, pan and tilt function!

    STAR TREK + Wallpaper

    Anyways, that's enough of that.

    My new wallpaper is this one:

    the official site for the Star Trek movie coming out 8 May 2009.

    I can't wait! Finally some limelight for Star Trek. I'm still miffed at Patrick Stewart for hogging the box offices until the Star Trek: Voyager crew didn't get a movie of their own. (My favourite and no, that <5mins class="Apple-style-span" style="font-style: italic;">NOT count) I mean COME ON Data was getting chubby! He's supposed to be an android or something (robot man in non-geek speak).



    Oh oh! if you noticed, in the screen captures of the webcam programs, you'll notice a change in background behind me.

    Now I'm comfortably lounging in Sarah's carrel cockroach free.

    Just now when I took the first screenshot, I was in my room thinking I was cockroach free.

    There is a difference. Trust me.

     I was happily starting out on this blog post when I heard this buzzing coming from the wall behind me.

    Thinking it was one of those beetles again, I reached behind to swat it annnnd...

    This fucking huge cockroach flew out at me!


    So what did I do? Calmly defend myself with Baygon?

    Er no.

    I run screaming out of my room.

    Thanks god for my darling sister Sarah and my maid. They bravely took apart my room and crawled under my table to search for this fiendish roach.

    But alas! to no avail.

    I'm hoping my maid managed to suck it up with the vacuum cleaner and that it's not sitting in a corner roosting or something.

    I hysterically asked Sarah whether it was on my bed, and do you know what she said?

    "Aiyah! Like the cockroach want to sleep next to you like that!"

    God, what sensitivity.

    Nah I'm kidding. I  You.

    So I've decided to stay in my sister's carrel for the time being.

    And the thing about my room is that it has many crooks and cranny because it's small with a very high ceiling. Which is why I have this double decker bed thing except in place of a bottom bunk, I have a carrel (a desk plus shelves and cupboards my dad designed *grins*).

    My carrel was the first to be constructed too. The stupid contractor guy tried to cheat us with flimsy plywood so my dad got him to reinforce it by sticking another layer of plywood here and there to give extra support. Which results in numerous cracks and crevices. Which means plenty of hidey holes for my dear friend the cockroach.

    Aching butt and waist

    So last night, I decided that I had enough of my lardiness and dragged Hannah out to jog with me. 

    Seeing as Hannah has been actively being er... active, I thought her presence would deter me from slowing down.

    On the contrary, I discovered that I (who hasn't exercised in MONTHS) has more stamina than her.

    Ok granted I ave like 7 years on her but stiillllll...

    why is it that she's the one with the hot bod and I'm still chubsome and tubsome and she can't even make it 2 figure of eights round my neighbourhood.

    Tsk Tsk Hannah, better get your bum off the couch and away from Disney Channel.

    Twilight the movie
    I liked it.

    I really did. In fact, in my opinion it's better than the book.

    (Before I launch into a disorganized ramble on the the movie, let me just say that it's because I watched this that I decided to go get my lardy ass on the road. Kristen Stewart is amazingly gorgeous.)

    1) Bella's character was more likable in the movie

    She was more socially awkward than anything else and that people can identify with.

    In the book she's supposed to be this plain girl who prefers solitude to friends, and yet attracts a hot werewolf and a gorgeous (albeit creepy and has stalker tendencies) vampire (who Sparkles for crying out loud). 

    She's also plain rude to her human friends once she's won the attention of the supernatural beings.

    In the movie, Bella actually seemed to have some sort of relationship with her human friends dispite the awkwardness.

    2) You can't blame the script and the effects on the director, blame it on the low budget and stupid book

    Let me just say that I think this is Catherine Hardwicke's best directing effort yet. Take a look at Thirteen, a cult favourite. 

    I personally didn't like that one. But it was shot on a really low budget and  within a very short period of time, think US$2 million for the whole film. Nikki Reed (Rosalie)'s in that one too. 

    For some perspective,

    The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring--> $109,000,000
    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix--> $150,000,000
    Thirteen--> $2,000,000
    Twilight--> $37,000,000

    The script for twilight was also written in 6 weeks. So to expect a shakespearean script would be like waiting for an elephant to look like an ikan bilis. Besides, several of the cheesy lines came striaght from the book.

    Just in case you were wondering, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson got $2,000,000 each for the show.

    The cast of "Friends" earned $1,000,000 each per episode for the later seasons.

    'Sparkling (pixelated)' Edward's also not Catherine Hardwicke's's fault. How on earth is it possible to portray a 'Sparkly, diamond encrusted' vampire without sacrificing some of his dignity. If he glowed or something, it's be easier for the effects people right? Bad enough this vampire doesn't burn. I wonder what the director's gonna do for the second one.

    3) The acting was great was (relatively) unknown actors

    With a terrible script and a badly written book (it had so much promise but Stephanie Meyer will never compare to say Diana Wynne Jones or even J.K. Rowling. She butchered the characters and she butchered a potentially good plot) you couldn't possibly expect oscar winning material.

    In fact, I think the acting was pretty good at some points. 

    Don't forget that these actors were feeling immense pressure from the rabid (psycho) twi-hards. Both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been called hideous just cause they don't live up to the fantastic (absurd) expectations of above mentioned twi-hards.

    Rosalie and Esme were pretty well portrayed IMO. I loved every scene with them. 

    (If you've been following Grey's Anatomy and think Esme looked famelier, she's the one who was pregnant and had her face reconstructed because her face got squashed by a giant concrete pillar in the ferry tragedy episode. Her temporary name was Ava I think.)

    I especially love the scene where Edward first introduces Bella to the Cullens.

    The interaction between Billy Black and Charlie was pretty good too.

    I think the actor who played Charlie was really good actually. One of the better performances of the show.

    4) Stuff I didn't really like

    Carlisle, though, was a little to creepily handsome for the role. I imagined him as being the most human looking one of all (Alice in the movie was the most human looking). He's a doctor and hence mingles the most with humans (and is resistant  to blood). He's also supposed to be well loved (ok maybe respect's the better word) by the townsfolk of forks. Which means he's not supposed to look so otherworldly.

    Rosalie (and Carlisle) looked too pale and had hair that looked (and it in fact is but that's no excuse) overly processed.

    Robert Pattinson spent the  better part of the movie with pitt stains and NOONE noticed them??


    I can't believe I just spent like 2 hours ranting about twilight. Lol, but I just had to get it out. 

    Also, sorry for the super dooper long post but they're kinda related in a way.

    Please tag if you read this so i know it didn't all go to waste ;]

    Live Long and Prosper,


    Check out this vid, it's hilarious:

    Low Budget Twilight Movie

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    Friday, March 27, 2009


    I dreamed of you again. This is the third time and it's certainly not the charm. So I politely ask that you PLEASE STAY OUT OF MY HEAD.

    Argh, like dreams ever come true anyway.

    *emo look*

    ❤slipping on a banana peel at 12:36:00 am

    Wednesday, March 25, 2009


    My name is Naomi and I am a Photoshoppaholic.

    Aly mx and I went to Zouk for Mambo night last Wednesday. It was super dooper fun in a stay-out-late-till-wee-hours-of-the-morning-exciting kind of way, but also not really what I'm into. I think I'm more a drinking game/pub crawling kinda person. 

    Anyway, this post isn't about that. It's about my latest obsession (besides makeup, lack of funds is curbing that). I wanted to update the photograph on my youtube page so I took this as an opportunity to embellish the picture as much as possible (No one I know will see it). 

    Xiaxue mentioned that she used photoshop brushes to add eyelashes to her pictures. If brushes sound familiar to you, it's also what people use to design blog skins so it's often under the credits.

    So I search for it and I find this site: Obsidian Dawn 

    It's an amazing site. It has so many brush sets and really easy instructions on how to install them into your photoshop program (yeah you need to have photoshop :\)

    Up till this point, photoshopping pictures meant removing a few blemishes (resulting in weird light spots everywhere) and giving myself liposuction and boob jobs (resulting in disproportionate body parts). 

    After playing around with the brushes a little, here's what I got:


    See this is why people should never photoshop pictures of themselves. (Or maybe it's just me)
    I never know when to stop and I think I shrank my nose too much. 
    When Hannah saw the picture she thought my mouth looked weird. THAT is not a result of excessive photoshopping. It's just my weird too tight smile. I guess maybe it's a combination of factors that cause it to not resemble me.

    (Click to enlarge)

    These were pre-brushes. All taken using Aly's camera on Mambo night (hence the intro).
    The excessively photoshopped picture of me right on top was from the one with me and mx. In the above 2 pictures I only trimmed some arm chub away and maybe a little of the jaw. But it still resembles me. Add the eyelashes and... KABOOM! plastic doll.

    That was all done last night.
    Tonight I decided to try someone else...

    Nice right??

    I think I did a pretty good job for an amateur, if I may say so myself. 

    That's also a bane of my life. I'm a jack of all trades. I like to pride myself in the fact that I can be an expert among beginners because I pick up things fast, however I never have the perseverance, vision, ambition to push further and mould it into a career. That's why throughout my entire life people have been telling me "I have potential". You'd think that's praise right?

    Not for me it isn't. It's a constant reminder that I always fail to maximise my 'potential'. Then, there are also times I doubt whether there's really potential, or just seems so and is actually the best I can do. Those are my wrist-slashing days...

    ... JUST KIDDING! That was me meager attempt at injecting some humour into this thing. Phooey, how did this get so heavy. Ah well. Must be the fact that I'm sleep and socially deprived. I really need to join a CCA next year. Or maybe join a class in a CC. Anything to expand my circle a little. Even my dad's voicing concerns about a lack of boyfriend activity (any takers? nah I'm kidding. REALLY). 

    Hooby dooby doo, right, I think I shall be off to bed now. If you've actually made it all the way here, let me extend a hearty congratulation. 

    Good Night folks.

    and this is Naomi signing out. 

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    Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    Check out my new desktop Wallpaper!

    cute right ^^

    Used to be this one: 
    then I had to reinstall windows cause my laptop got cranky

    Before that it was this one:

    Cute right! :D I LOVE skiing, my god. I was BORN to ski. 
    Too bad it's so freaking expensive and there's just one more thing... SINGAPORE HAS NO SNOW!

    We totally should do some skiing thing. Like some rich dude should buy up that sad excuse of a snow city that we have and convert it into a mega ski slope like in Dubai! 

    I mean since we compete with Emirates and everything. Why not try to top them in this! It's really super cool cause it's built with the mall and it faces shop windows and everything.

    I think it's the longest in the world? One of the largest indoor ski thingys anyways.


    Then they should employ the people who run the Harbin Ice Palace.

    No smelly winter coats for those people.. No sirree. I've been to their ice palace thing in Singapore when they came here twice and the way they maintain those jackets! 

    Snow City(when I last went which was errrr eons ago):
    Smelly jackets handed to you when you go in. Have to tahan mouldy sweat smell till your nose gets used to it.
    Ignore mouldy sweat stains
    Chuck smelly jackets (to which you've now added your own smelly sweat) into bin provided at the exit.

    Approach counter where guy will pick jacket from those spinning racks they have in laundromats
    and hand it to you fresh smelling. 
    Then you can buy those yarny gloves and socks if you need to.
    Have fun slipping and sliding in the palace.
    Return jackets at a counter at the exit and a guy hangs it back up and sprays something on it.
    Enjoy popcorn and hotdogs with drinks.

    See the difference?

    Wow. If only that were to happen. I'd ski every week.

    LOL, alright I was kidding when I said I was born to ski. But OMG it was super FUN. And my dad said the slopes were NOTHING compared to the japan ones. Cause the ones they brought us to in korea was packed to the brim, ill maintained and icy. 

    Like OMG-I'm-going-too-fast-and-have-to-choose-either-too-slam-my-head-on-an-ice-patch-or-careen-into-the-trees-icey.

    So I chose to tumble to the side and slam my head on the ice patch. Thrilling huh. Better than careening into a ski lift!

    ❤slipping on a banana peel at 10:17:00 pm

    I need to go jogging NOW. but the thing is, my body clock is totally off whack and I get the urge to jog at random times like 3 am in the morning, 1 am, and now going on 10pm.

    I like to think that I'm hideous looking enough that no rapist or weirdo would have any urge to molest/rape/kill me if I go jogging now (I mean come on! Who gets turned on by a tub of lard bouncing by)

    But, that's precisely the reason why I need to go jog cause I don't want to look like that.

    Anyways, I seem to attract plenty or weirdos.. and the weird thing is it usually happens when I'm not feeling my best.

    1) ERA guy in toa payoh library
    It was smack during an exam period I think or at least going to be. Stress made me break out in pimples and rash and I couldn't find anything to wear so I was wearing some uber tight sweater with uber tight tube which showed off my paunch in all it's glory.

    2) Scary negro dude outside cine
    I was trying out a new look which wasn't too successful, had orange macaroni hair and wobbling on too tight heels. (Eeeyer, this description sound like prostitute liddat. maybe that's why)

    3) Ah pek who reversed his van when he saw me roadside
    Early in the morning at about 4 am, how glamorous can you look?! Maybe cause I had too much make-up on. I just started putting on make-up so I kinda layered on the eyeliner too much I think.

    See what I mean? 

    So that's why I'm hearing valiantly trying to resuscitate my dying blog instead of venturing out. 

    Anyways, I think I'm gonna go try to sleep now and wake up early tomorrow to jog. 

    Last paper this thursday! WOOHOO.

    Anyone wanna catch watchmen with me?

    ❤slipping on a banana peel at 9:54:00 pm